The Intermezzo to the 3rd act of L'Alpino

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

conductor Brian Schembri

Palais de Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles - 2017

L'Alpino Centenray Concert - 6th December 2018

Celebrating the centenary of the first performance of L'Alpino, the Beland Music Society of Zejtun (Malta), organised a commemorative evening as homage to the composer and in memory of all the victims of  World War 1.

The event, which took place in the very house Carlo Diacono was born and brought up,  included an excellent and  informative presentation of the work and the compsoer by Maestro Ray Sciberras, music director of the Beland Band and of the Cappella Diacono. Brian Schembri then gave a small historical background and synopsis of the opera, after which, the very warm public present was offered a unique opportunity to listen to a large selection of excerpts from this opera sung  by a talented cast of young singers, directed and accompanied on the composer's original piano by Brain Schembri.

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Cast :

Nella -  Ruth Sammut Cassingena

Anna Rosa - Clare Ghigo

Enzo - Alain Sciberras

Andrea -  Ken Scicluna

Franz - Louis Cassar